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Holy Cross Anglican Church Orlando West – Parish Administrator

Biography of Thabang Aphane


I was born on Friday the 15th of July 1988, the last of 3 boys to our beautiful mother Nandi Aphane and our late father Jack Aphane.

I was born and raised in Naledi Soweto, but spent a great deal of my youth living in Rockville with my Grandparents, aunt & uncle, living the statement that it takes a village to raise a child, before heading back to Naledi in 2008. I am blessed with my Gorgeous wife Nomonde Aphane and our handsome son Thoriso, and for these blessings, Modimo o tswanetse ke Thoriso. 

I’m a parishioner at The Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Tladi, the birthplace of my faith, and my first encounter with how Great God really is.

I started in the church’s Sunday School as a mischievous little rascal who had little interest in the church and only saw it as a place I was always dragged to by my mother and late grandmother who was part of the church’s Mother’s Union guild. I learnt to tolerate church because a close friend of mine Thapelo also went to church and had joined the Servers Guild.

One Saturday in 1998 when I had no plans, I decided to accompany Thapelo to the Servers’ practice, and Mr Mogorosi, the then Chairperson asked me to also start practicing with them, little did I know that I headed a call that would mould my life for the better.

I started as a Server at the age of 10 and have been faithful to the ministry till this very day. I became chairperson of the guild when I was 18, a steep mountain to climb in a ministry full of more mature members like the late Mr Dan Melato, who even in their pension years, offered me the respect, guidance, and support a young man needed most. They have been great pillars of strength. I later represented my parish in the Diocese of Johannesburg Servers Umbrella Body and am now currently serving as the Diocesan Task Team Secretary. 

I was also part of the Youth Choir, which dominated the 2008/2009 choir competitions.

I'm an active member of the Jesus is Happening Ministry of Johannesburg since I turned 16. 

In my work career, I've worked in the marketing and insurance industries, where I've gained knowledge and experience of working effectively in a team, and to be an outstanding individual. I grew a lot in a short space of time with being a Training Manager at AS Marketing, later working for Ukuthola Business Services as a sales agent, then I got promoted into a Quality Assessor within 8months, and then became a Sales Team Leader and Customer Service Manager. I started my previous role as a Sales Coaches Team Leader with extra responsibilities of a Junior Account Manager for 3waymarketing, based at Clientele Life.

A very good career in the midst, until my life got upgraded by this calling, a calling I’m looking forward to experiencing and growing in without a doubt. 

God Bless you.

Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself. - Martin Luther King Jr.